Overnight Acoustic: Tommy Emmanuel, "Questions"

Sir John Barron6/08/2015 8:48:41 am PDT

re: #202 HappyWarrior

I’d say most of them are. The most famous complaint which has sparked the stupid War on Christmas bullshit is “Happy Holidays.” Now with family and friends whose holiday I know of choice is Christmas I’ll probably say “Merry Christmas” but I may slip in Happy Holidays too and there’s a very practical reason for that. IT’s because New Years falls a week after Christmas Day. It’s just like me saying “you guys” instead of all of your names. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year works too of course but it’s lame to get offended over it.

Yeah I almost added a qualifier to that. I’m sure there are excesses. But for the most part it’s just a very tiresome wingnut series of whines.