Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie

Buck8/30/2012 10:00:36 am PDT

re: #210 Destro

You mean like the above article’s quotes to actual quote? “Speaking to the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz”

Cognitive Dissonance is a strong force to counter act if you are an advocate rather than an independent.

Correct. No actual quote from Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. You have CNN and NPR all making up their mind reading of Ehud Barak. It is very likely that this left leaning newspaper does not actually provide a quote or context because they are playing with words.

So, for example, I assemble all the things I need to build a bomb. I get the Van, I fill the barrels with the fertilizer. I buy the diesel fuel and store it. I threaten people that I think they will be dead soon enough, and that I think they should be wiped from the planet.

Now you might try and read my mind that I am not planning to build a bomb. After all I don’t have all the elements in one place yet.

However you agree that once I assemble the detonators, load everything up in the van and park it in the parking structure of the skyscraper it is too late to stop me. Of course only then will you really know that I was all along planning to build a bomb. However you can safely say that there was no proof I had really decided to go through with it.

See how that works?