Jury Acquits Texas Man for Murder of Escort Who Refused Sex

The Ghost of a Flea6/06/2013 5:18:33 pm PDT

re: #20 SpaceJesus

I don’t see the facts here that make this any kind of larceny/burglary. This looks entirely like a contract to me, and she did not perform it the way he subjectively wanted it.

That’s my point. Like Stand Your Ground, the murderer gets to present his subjectivity as valid defense. And because their subjective narrative is given so much weight, the privilege of the defendant—white, male—ensures that the law bends to accommodate.

Which is all the more crazy is a situation where he’s demanding an illegal service and killed someone for not providing it.

Want to take odds on whether this could be used successfully by a junkie who rolled while trying to buy?