"By Fire" - a Hiatus Kaiyote Cover by Kneebody (Ft. Michael Mayo) [VIDEO]

thecommodore5/13/2019 9:23:51 am PDT

re: #213 Belafon

She could clarify pretty easily:
“I stated that the holocaust was horrible. In response the world sought to give the Jews a safe place. But I feel it came at a cost to a number of people in the region, and that needs to be dealt with.” But that takes practice, and this is a touchy subject.

Any attempt to clarify would be completely ignored, because the Republican media noise machine will keep implying that she and Omar are skeery moozlims!!!1!11!! and that everything they say is suspect because of TAQIYYA!!!

I hate these sons of bitches. I really do. The next Dem nominee needs to not only defeat Trump, and not only defeat Trumpism, and GOP corruption, and right wing media distortions, but to also stick a knife in and turn it. Repeatedly. The candidate most capibable of doing that with the most positive, sensible, forward looking agenda gets my vote. I can’t say for sure who that is at this point.