Seth Meyers: Bernie Wins New Hampshire, While Trump Is Off the Leash

Backwoods_Sleuth2/13/2020 3:54:36 pm PST

re: #222 Blind Frog Belly White

It’s not just the isolationism. There was an article today about race-based bullying in grade schools, where kids as young as 6 are using Trumpian language to attack and demean other kids they perceive as different. We have a President who attacks a decorated veteran for telling the truth and lionizes a war criminal who was turned in by his own unit.

Every way in which we were getting better, he’s undoing, and 40% of America LOVES IT.

They never shared that understanding of America. It’s always been just Blood And Soil to them. They just didn’t have a leader who’d make it alright for them to admit it.

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