Dave Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

karmic_inquisitor6/25/2010 12:29:32 pm PDT

re: #210 ArchangelMichael

What I don’t get about the renewed popularity of these clowns is this crap. The “conservatives” who were booing Luap Nor off the stage when he tried blaming the US for 9-11… are they just ignoring this crap now or do they really not know they are embracing a crazy that 2 years ago repulsed them?

I have no idea where it all is.

I left / got kicked out. We are in the midst of another SoCon orgy of blood and fire that will no doubt cleanse all who emerge.

I remember making up my mind to vote for Bill Clinton when Pat Buchanan took over the GOP convention when Bush 1 ran for re-election. But Clinton was the least Keynsian national political figure in the last generation. he actually understands market forces can be harnessed and government revenues can grow as a result. Bush 2 was full bore Keynsian and used government spending to float the economy after 9/11 and then in the banking crisis.

Point being that I no longer have even the remotest expectation of ideological consistency among the parties. It is Burger King and McDonalds and they are both serving up crap. The fact that the GOP is re-doing the menu around SoCon purity tests and indulging any friggun whacko who is sufficiently zealous to man the deep fryer neither surprises me nor has me vainly hoping for a positive outcome. Same goes for Nancy’s crowd on Nob Hill. The “Financial Reform” she bartered today was written by those it supposedly regulates and now creates a low risk environment for derivatives trading (the OTC derivatives market is nominally 10 times the size of the global GDP, and is about to get even bigger). That will suck capital away from productivity and towards speculation making credit markets even more skeptical of borrowing applications. The profits in derivatives (which employ very few people) are too large to curtail, and the paper risks of the trades have now been lowered with the quasi-liquidation rules.

We are all screwed.