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FFL (GOP Delenda Est)4/19/2019 7:44:28 am PDT

re: #239 Dave In Austin

They would be forced to prove their citizenship at gunpoint (untrained inexperienced gunpoint). The border patrol won’t pull unless the threat is recognized for just this reason. Lots of citizens of Mexican descent live right on the fence and have to go thru process all the time.

I used to work on the border from Del Rio to the coast.

I guess part of my point is that they *don’t* have to prove their citizenship to a bunch of armed men who are not acting in any official capacity. Verbally claim you’re US citizens in a place you are allowed to be in - especially for instance if it’s private property and one of them owns the property. And if the armed mob attempts to detain you call in the police to deal with them.

It would be a pretty brave act to confront this bunch like that though, and have a notable amount of risk involved. But otherwise I cannot think of much that would make them desist.