Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

HoosierHoops6/25/2009 3:56:14 pm PDT

re: #213 huckfunn

Who put you in charge of deciding which comments are called for, or not? There is not one bit of disrespect in that post! I said that his passing is noteworthy. However, we are about to descend into a media frenzy over Michael Jackson that will stifle all other news. Congress is about to tax you out of existence with Cap & Trade and they’ll do it under the cover of Michael Jackson hysteria such as you exhibit. And I’ll come and go on this thread as I please. Get lost!

You equate the death of a pop star with cap and trade politics….
This isn’t the thread for that… If I misinterpreted your post I am sorry…
I won’t get lost….I have the same right to opinion as you….
I try to respect a man when he dies… you asshole this is his thread..
See you on the private threads if you can’t hang with a little respect for a dead man…
Cap and trade…F U…