Ethical Oil FAIL: so slimy it gets mixed with Saudi crude anyway

Buck12/02/2011 12:48:15 pm PST

re: #24 publicityStunted

there won’t be a single Saudi Sheik who loses a nickel

Wow, like a one trick pony, that is the only argument that holds up, IF that was what anyone was talking about.

Depress the global demand for oil by using less of it.

Pie in the sky objective. As discussed that would take decades, if it is possible at all. In the meanwhile, there are so many good reasons to replace the middle east oil imports. I have outlined them multiple times, but to be extra clear.

Not be a part in funding terror.
Not be a part in funding oppression of women, gays and Israel.
Thousands of jobs.
Not allowing a “Cartel” of dictators and tyrants to threaten you by using access to oil as a weapon against you.

Just to name a few obvious ones.

Just as an aside, the Saudis disagree with you regarding the effect of Ethical Oil on them. Yes, they are not worried about a smaller bank account, but they value influence over the USA almost as much as money.