Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

Mad Prophet Ludwig3/24/2010 1:41:29 pm PDT

re: #245 Obdicut

Can you please point me to the international law that allows extrajudicial killing?

Or any law that allows extrajudicial killing?

How is it lawful?

That argument is a sophistry.

There is a difference between law and justice.

International law in particular is much more about international politics than it is about justice, and always has been.

Now as to justice, if you have a murderer who manages to cross some boundary, he is not suddenly free of justice because he crossed some arbitrary line on a map. Would it really matter to you what country Bin Laden is in (if he is still alive) when we hunt his ass down?

The moral slippery slope is not in terms of being respectful of the laws of other nations. The moral slippery slope is in whether or not we obey our own best standards of honor and justice consistently. This is part of why I am so furious at the ham fisted ways that the previous administration treated American values that were inconvenient. If we had always lived up to our standards, and we were known to live up to our code scrupulously, then wen we hunted down bad guys, there would not be room to argue.