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re: #10 Killgore Trout

Here is McCain’s article at American Renaissance under the pen name Burke C. Dabney
Race and Teenage Pregnancy

I just tried to read thru that, not easy to do.
For one thing, I found his charts confusing.

He sure did go through a whole lot of mental gymnastics to try to show that unwed teen pregnancy is mostly a problem of black and hispanic teens. At one point he even takes information showing hispanic teens have a lower rate than non-hispanic whites, and he turns it into a higher rate.

Interestingly, the overall teenage illegitimacy rate is actually slightly lower for Hispanics than for whites (67.3 percent v. 67.5 percent for 18 — and 19-year-olds — see lower part of Table 6). However, when illegitimacy is expressed in terms of the rate of unwed births to unmarried teenagers, Hispanics are more than twice as likely as whites to have illegitimate children (107.8 per thousand 18 — and 19-year-olds as opposed to 42.8 — see upper part of Table 6).

sheesh. When you see a “but” or a “however” from him, you should know you’re about to hear something quite garbled.