Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

richard123/24/2010 2:03:09 pm PDT

re: #249 marjoriemoon

Hi Marjoriemoon, let me ask you, why do you find it so hard to believe? After all Obama has piled pressure upon pressure on Israel. Every time it makes a concession he doesn’t acknowledge it, he demands more, really. And he hasn’t made a single public demand of Mahmud Abbas or the Palestinians, correct me if I’m wrong. So now when we look at the big picture, and its clear he’s leaning on Israel and giving the Palestinians a free pass, and he’s taken on the Muslim world political tactic of being “offended” about Israeli construction, while keeping dead silence about the PA celebrating terrorists, why would is it so difficult to believe that he’s also behind the UK expulsion of Israeli officials?

Was it just amazing timing that after being in the media for weeks, the British decide to expel Israeli representatives the day Netanyahu arrives to DC to speak with Obama and his representatives? And look at the facts, the only two things linking Israel to the assassination is that the passports used the names of UK citizens living in Israel, and that the person assassinated was responsible for murdering Israelis and smuggling weapons to Gaza.

Maybe good circumstantial evidence to some, but its not empirical proof. And additionally, all intelligence services use false passports of their ally states for conducting clandestine actions. The British are in effect shooting themselves in the foot (and all other Western nations that use these tactics, which is all of them). They’d only do that under duress, and its clear that its due to pressure of some kind. The pieces are too many to ignore.

Anybody who’s honest about Israel knows that living in perpetual war makes for questionable affairs. But when surrounded by terrorists one has to take actions to protect themselves. Its hard to understand that when you’re not living in Sderot or Ashkelon with missles falling on your head (the same ones Mabchuh was in charge of smuggling), but its true none the less.

What is quite concerning to me as an American, is that Obama has bought the line that Israel is the source of all conflict with Arabs and Muslims in the world, and he is wrong. And by making demands that even the Palestinians had never previously demanded a pre-requisite to peace negotiations, he’s setting himself up for failure, and at the same time weakening the US.

For in the end if he doesn’t completely succeed in breaking Israel now that he’s made it a clear, public priority, he will be interpreted by the Arab and Muslim extremists as weak. He can blame Israel all he wants, but the truth is its his inexperienced policy decisions that have shot himself in the foot, and incited the Palestinians to war, as we’ve seen the past two weeks.