Seth Meyers Mildly Disagrees With Meghan McCain and Absolutely Enrages Her Plagiarist Husband [VIDEO]

CleverToad5/08/2019 6:29:44 pm PDT

Very much drive-by, probably be a bit before I jump back.

My mother died last night. Three of her daughters gathered around her; three of her grandkids with us. My poor college kid holding her hand and crying, trying desperately to hold her here, to give her his strength.

She knew she was home. She knew we were there. She was where she wanted to be. But she’d slept most of the time since we got her home, only flashes of response. I wanted longer, I wanted her to have time to enjoy the sensation of being home, to see her great-granddaughter play, to see there were things worth fighting for, worth staying with us. But she was so tired after the ordeal of the hospital, had lost so much strength.

I am certain she is with the Lord she believed in. I am sure that she is at peace, finally out of pain. She went gentle, but I’m still raging against the dying of the light.

I wasn’t ready yet, dammit.