Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Mayor De Blasio's Family

Pawn of the Oppressor12/28/2014 12:07:20 pm PST

How old does PoopHobbit claim to be? 26? The age at which all clueless dipshits think they know everything? Not surprising. He’s probably never SEEN anybody who served in WW2.

Does he really want to go down that rabbit hole? Start asking about who in the U.S. supported Hitler before the war and you’re going to dig up some very ugly answers. I don’t know if there were opinion polls at the time, but a loud-ass dictatorial white guy who gets the trains running on time, builds cool weapons, and talks about flushing Jews down the toilet, is STILL a popular wish-fulfillment fantasy in the imaginations of too many Americans even now…

The Mayor’s dad was on Okinawa, too. Christ, I’ve read E.B. Sledge and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.