Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

McSpiff7/07/2010 7:52:33 pm PDT

re: #288 albusteve

don’t be intentionally stupid…the GOP is vomiting my mantras…you have it exactly backwards…my point of view has been the same regardless of who was responsible for carrying on this fight..but you would not know that

Yes steve, the GOP is stealing all your ideas. Better watch out for those bodily fluids next!re: #290 tradewind

Speaking of majorities, the Republicans are very likely to retake the House in ‘10.

I suspect you’re right. But it won’t be because of Afghanistan. That’s become a low frequency hum in American politics. The average person doesn’t see the difference between the parties. You think anyone not on a political blog has any idea which General is in charge on any given day?

re: #291 prairiefire

It is a good idea for a country to flex its military muscle, acquire new arms, strengthen your bases. Canada had many troops in the World Wars.

As someone who just submitted his background information to a major defense contractor today, I agree! Buy Stark(tm).