He Started 45 Minutes Ago and He's Still Ranting: Trump Gloats About Escaping Justice

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AG Barr Calls for Bailing Out Foreign Companies to Counter Huawei
by JM Ashby, on

Yes, our tax money not to our companies but to foreign ones. I wonder who is getting a rake off on this???

The Trump regime’s official position and policy toward Chinese-owned telecommunications giant Huawei is literally undecided as the regime has scheduled a meeting for later this month to decide what their policy is, but Attorney General William Barr may have just given us some idea of what could come out of that meeting and in the months to follow.

Speaking at an economic and security conference hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Barr bizarrely called for the government to take a controlling stake in foreign telecommunication companies to counter Huawei’s growing access to the world’s telecommunications market.