How Gullible Are Conservatives? You Won't Believe What Had to Be Fact-Checked

Ace-o-aces1/11/2014 11:26:27 am PST

re: #2 ObserverArt

That all will make it more plausible to the gullible.

The comments in the original blog post are hilarious. They immediately start quoting from Revelation. (Apparently there is a passage where Satan forces clinics to update their billing codes. I must have missed that part).

Really, it looks like they just focus in a a few words (Medical code! beheading! international!) and just go off from there. They don’t seem to notice that the ICD-9 E codes describe just about every way a human being can be injured or killed (seriously, there is an E code for being injured while in an aircraft by someone falling out of another aircraft. E843.5 if you must know).