Ron Paul: Russia Invades a Non-Threatening Neighbor and Annexes Territory. So what?

S'latch3/18/2014 1:41:52 pm PDT

re: #2 Shiplord Kirel

I can understand Putin’s claim of right to have Crimea join the Russian Federation. However, it isn’t a cognizable claim under international law. So, it isn’t valid.

But the real issue with Ron Paul is the dim-witted comparison of what the U.S. did in Iraq and what Russia has done in Crimea.

He even puts Russian “occupation” of Crimea in scare quotes. WTF? Does he deny that Russian troops marched into Crimea when Ukraine was having internal turmoil that did not threaten or involve Russia? What an asshole to put “occupation” in scare quotes like that!

And how in the hell does he compare what the U.S. did in Iraq under, yes, U.S. occupation (not in scare quotes). The U.S. wasn’t trying to annex Iraq or even oversee a vote regarding outside sovereignty of Iraq.

Ron Paul is trying to say that whatever Russia wants to do in Ukraine is just fine, because the U.S. did something bad in Iraq. It’s juvenile.