Why the debt ceiling absolutely, positively, will be raised

elizajane5/21/2011 10:25:31 am PDT

This little video should go viral. But it won’t.

The debt ceiling “debate” is a particularly dangerous instance of the ideologues playing to the stone ignorance of their audience. Presumably they have all their money invested in gold so they don’t care if the stock market tanks and the dollar plummets; but can they really not care if the entire economy goes back into recession? Is it worth that much to get their base riled up against government spending?

The sidelines here are filled with educated economists screaming “Oh my God! Stop! What are you doing??” like a whole gang of Cassandras. Nobody in the world of what passes for political discourse pays them any attention, because nincompoops like Toomey or even Beck make better copy. We are left hoping that Wall Street will be able to halt the speeding train before it becomes a complete trainwreck…