Washington's economic policy debate is a sham

Destro7/26/2012 9:59:11 am PDT

re: #2 Achilles Tang

We always hear politicians say the voters are smart, ulitmately. Unfortunately they are not, as a whole. That should be obvious from the more blatant lies that we see being accepted.

From the slumming I do on some other forums, I also know that a lot (but I have no percentages) of people interested in politics are extraordinarily ignorant and even disturbed individuals. It is economic cognitive dissonance of the same character found in religious fundamentalists, and is often entwined closely with religion.

I sometimes re-visit my posts on the forums I posted at I am kind of ashamed of myself. Not that I was wrong, but in some cases I was just being a parrot, a member of the amen corner of the right wing noise machine. That is something I can’t forgive myself but I can learn from it.

I would love to read more about conservatives crossing over and realizing they were in error like Frank Schaeffer, for example,