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Anymouse 🌹🏡😷10/18/2020 10:29:05 am PDT

re: #313 plansbandc

I think the Olympics have run their course. Too much corruption. Economically damaging to whatever city hosts.

It’s been suggested before that instead of cities bidding on the Olympics, costing huge sums of money and rarely seeing returns, that the Olympics should just be designated in the place they started, Athens.

The IOC pays Greece to maintain or upgrade facilities, new ones don’t need to be built every four years, and cities around the world aren’t saddled with debts.

Like all things though, even when the Olympics lose money, billionaire investors make money and pass the costs down to the city. The IOC won’t change because sports is a business for billionaires, and the taxpayers of localities exist only to enrich them.