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Jay C10/19/2020 6:48:49 am PDT

re: #303 Dr Lizardo

Well, I mean, they could try….but at those kind of numbers the GOP would be staring at a fiasco, an absolute electoral drubbing.

While I think that “18% lead” number sounds WAY too optimistic (we’re talking FDR/LBJ/Reagan ‘84 numbers here), a more salient question might be what sort of “coattail” effect is going to be in play; because most general poll-aggregates I’ve seen seem to show a basic (D) “hold” on the House*, and the prospects for the Senate seemingly averaging out at about a 51-49 (D) Majority - for now.

Unfortunately, it just seems that the electorate is too polarized and (in large part) inflexible for even “an absolute electoral drubbing” to effect the whole of Congress and government the way it used to. Even with the (increasingly likely) assumption that the Biden/Harris ticket will rack up an enormous popular-vote lead - probably WAY more than Hillary Clinton’s in 2016 - and a solid EC majority, the red-state/blue-divide is still going to ensure that there will be an irreducible obstructionist (R) bloc in the Senate, something of the same in the House, and various Statehouses still ruby-red.

*Not the worst-case outcome, but just an illustration of how short Presidential “coattails” can get these days.