The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

Mark Winter7/24/2011 2:09:43 pm PDT

The “manifesto” will actually have to be read and analyzed, because we need to understand one thing: This is not some “deranged madman”, this is a clear thinking person with a mission and ready to carry it out no matter what, just like the Nazis did.

The island of Utya isn’t just some holiday island, it’s THE island which probably every member of the Norwegian Labor Party has been. Many young people who were murdered had immigrant roots. Utya was a symbol of integration.

We did not consider Bin Laden a loony madman, we considered him a dangerous terrorist with a dangerous terrorist ideology that did appeal to many.

We need to analyze and combat the terrorist ideology the Norwegian killer based his actions upon. We must not dismiss him as a loony.

This is far more serious. The Norwegian killer forces us to look at the most hateful fundamentalist “Christian”, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-integration rhetoric. It’s filth but we must deal with it.

There’s incredible hate propagated in blogs this guy was fond of. Geller, Fjordman, Gates of Vienna, Brussels Journal, Politically Incorrect (in Germany) and many others.

We need to fight it. Freedom of speech, yes, but we MUST not allow them to win “hearts and minds”.

They are the enemy.