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That is so sweet - and I like the idea.

Of course, I am something of a figurehead in the wedding plans. My opinion is dutifully asked for, and it might even be taken into consideration.

We’re probably going to be a bit more traditional - which suits me just fine. Evening wedding, chuppa under the stars.

The best wedding I have ever been to in terms of location and perfection of the ceremony was in Jerusalem though. Unfortunately, doing such a thing will be impossible for us.

Someone I knew from Yeshiva got married.

It was in the old Hospitaler ruins near the Kotel.

For those who have not seen it, all that is left is the stone central floor, and these great Gothic arches.

In the middle, on a clear starry night, was the chuppa, lit from underneath. It gave off a warm, white glow, reflected on the ancient stones.

The Rosh Yeshiva officiated. He was a kindly man who cared for both of them very much.

The students and rabbis of the Yeshiva sang the groom to the chuppa, and turned with a *snap* for the bride.

Perhaps the best part was that the Rosh Yeshiva said something to them quietly there, before reciting the blessings in a full voice. You could see from the looks on all three of their faces that it was meaningful. But it was private, and not for public consumption. It was the perfect mix of public and private, with joy and a deep gravitas.

Oh how lovely. I can just picture it! When we were in Jerusalem, we stumbled upon a wedding, I forgot where. It had a big stone arch, kind of like the St. Louis arch, but not quite so large. Anyway, they let us watch and it was lovely.

Since you’re a fella, you’re just there for the ride and to pay for the booze :) I guess theme weddings are all the rage, but I understand traditional. There’s nothing better than a traditional Jewish wedding. Well except for maybe a Jewish renaissance wedding :p (but I’m partial!)

Since we married in CA, we wanted to have a party in FL, but ran outa cash. It’s not off the table. I still want to do a Renn dinner for all our friends at the faire for one of our anniversary’s.