The Mueller Report: Annotated and Searchable

Romantic Heretic4/18/2019 3:36:02 pm PDT

re: #233 HappyWarrior

I would think more of my fellow Americans would resent a former KGB man fermenting our divisions to elect a profoundly unqualified man President would bother people. Russia wouldn’t win in a conventional war against the US but under the table stuff like what was done is how a country can do that. I’d say it’s akin to the sci fi movie trope where the alien takes control of a human host. That said, this never would have been possible without the right and left wingers who hated HRC so much that they were willing to do this shit.

I’m not surprised by it. Much of the hatred of the Soviet Union was based on envy. The authoritarians and barbarians masquerading as conservatives were so jealous of The Soviet Union’s ability to quash political dissent.

Now that ‘communism’ has been taken out of the equation they can admire Putin and his ability to quash political dissent, and they appreciate his help in doing it in America.