A Duo From Outer Space: DOMi & JD Beck, "Bathroom"

Anymouse 🌹🏡2/12/2020 8:11:47 pm PST

re: #24 PrairieQueen

Right, it’s like all the vowels. You really can’t live without them. Put it nearly anywhere in a sentence and it works.

Noun: “I don’t give a fuck.”
Intransitive verb: “Let’s fuck.”
Transitive verb: “I did try and [sic] fuck her, but I couldn’t get there.” (Thanks, Trump)
Auxiliary verb: “He’s fucking sleeping.”
Strong interjection: “Fuck! Will this nightmare ever end?”
Weak interjection: “Fuck, will this nightmare ever end?”
Adjective: “It was fucking ice cream.”
Adverb: “I had a fucking good time.”
Pronoun: “I hit fuckface with my fist.”