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Dark_Falcon7/17/2011 9:09:33 pm PDT

re: #348 ProLifeLiberal

The thing is, these people (or rather, their descendants) are integrating. By the first native-born generation, knowledge of Spanish is only at 50%. By the next generation, it is lower than 15%. And there will always be a Spanish presence, and not just because of the border. For cripes sake, there are still 50,000 Americans who use primarily Swedish, and that wave of immigration stopped 70-80 years ago.

The next wave of Immigrants, in my opinion, will come from the Arab World, starting in the next 5 years. They will Settle in Great Lakes Region/Rust Belt. The states that will get the most are Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The reason is because there is already a presence there. As we see in the past, groups tend to go where there is already a presence.

We should not let such a wave in. Period. The Arab world is far too hostile to us. Keep them out.