In Which Donald Trump Edits His Twitter Profile Background to Include a Tweet With a Blatant Lie

lawhawk5/09/2017 8:45:50 am PDT

re: #357 Teukka

Or that you could have a chemical pregnancy that spontaneously aborts for reasons that no one quite understands. Even if the embryo is fine (tested with PGD), so much can still go wrong that it doesn’t take. A woman could have blood drawn showing that they’re pregnant as their hormone levels rise as they should, but something goes wrong and the pregnancy terminates. It could be a structural issue in the uterus, or a hormone issue, or god knows what.

And these fuckers think that this is murder?

These fuckers don’t get that most women have more miscarriages than they ever know and these people are intent on criminalizing a natural body process and pushing the costs on to women and their families all because they don’t get how biology works, or that the law doesn’t support their position (so they’re intent on changing it to their anti-science baffling BS).