Some More News: How the Right Pretends Systemic Racism Doesn't Exist

Belafon7/08/2020 6:17:01 pm PDT

re: #358 Anymouse 🌹🏡😷

Definitely not the “require a bachelor’s degree” part. Trump has a degree. I don’t. I suspect I would be a better president and I would probably be terrible at the job.

Moreover, that education test brings back Jim Crow tests.

The physical test? How do you determine physicians and psychiatrists are independent? What disqualifies you?

The test is an election. An obviously unqualified person should not be able to get into a high office if people understood how their government and republic works, which is why conservatives work so hard to undermine civics.

Sorry, but I think a degree should be required. And, I think it should involve a lot of history and government.

The presidency is a very demanding job. Not everyone is qualified. I wouldn’t want my neurosurgeon to not have medical training and I wouldn’t want my president to only be trained in medicine.

And yes, I wouldn’t qualify right now.