Why 'Breaking Bad' speaks to America

The Pie Overlord!9/30/2013 4:57:38 am PDT

I have never seen even one episode of this program. It first came to my attention two years ago, when a young aspiring writer full of thin white privilege entitlement, Anna Breslaw (who writes for one of the Gawker sites) wrote a review of this show that somehow turned into a horrific screeching rant against Holocaust survivors, that somehow they must have deserved what happened to them.

It was the most WTF thing I ever read in my life. You can Google “Breaking Bad Karma” if that article is still online anywhere. It boggled the mind that she did not get fired or even reprimanded for that humongous turd of Anti-Semitism, because “Juice can’t be teh Anti-Semites!”.