New Video Shows Witnesses Raising Their Hands in the Air at Ferguson Shooting

1Peter G19/13/2014 6:34:04 pm PDT

re: #3 palomino

No but then this does pose some interesting questions that the less gullible are prone to ask when someone purports to tell some video shows you something that is manisfestly not true. For example what does moments mean? The people standing near the truck we are told were witnesses but fifty feet from the shooting. Which means the person entering the frame from the left must have damn near been standing on the hood of the police car. Yet none of the other witnesses known to have been present seem to have noticed these new witnesses literally feet away.And these additional witnesses behave so strangely. They are supposed to be outraged yet make no report or complaint to either the police, the FBI or any of the media soon to flood into Ferguson. That’s kind of odd.
Now the videographer almost certainly pointed his phone at the scene of the action. So. Does moments mean before any other police units arrived? Or after. Why isn’t that shown? The number of people in the background would seem to suggest this video was taken some time after the event. And it is therefore unlikely that any of these new attendees were actual witnesses. My guess is the guy holding up his hands near the truck is asking what happened and why is the road closed? Otherwise the guy entering the frame from the left wouldn’t have needed to tell him what he had supposedly just seen. He would have known they were both witnesses. So this video doesn’t show anything like what we are told it shows. It does demonstrate that some people preferred to be told what to think. And others who strenuously object to other people thinking.