Ex-Paul Staffer: Ron Paul wouldn't use gay man's bathroom, thinks Israel shouldn't exist.

Timmeh12/27/2011 6:25:08 am PST

re: #3 Cankles McCellulite

LMAO Not anti semitic? I have a feeling Paul hates Arabs and Palestinians as well but just happens to hate Jewish people a little bit more.

Finally! People are getting the bigger picture of this crazy, crazy, dangerous man.

Yeah I think there’s a little naivete on the part of the Jewish ex-Staffer. He can’t put two and two together. Ron Paul acts like the gay guy’s friend to his face, and says (does) homophobic things behind his back. And yet this Jewish guy assumes that Paul is not anti-Semitic, because he doesn’t say (do) overtly anti-Semitic things in front of the Jew.