So Good: Bon Iver's Full Concert at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

ObserverArt12/31/2016 1:24:02 pm PST

Sportsgeeks out there…I am so stoked for The Columbus Blue Jackets NHL team. Today they play a historic game in the world of pro sports not just professional hockey.

They play the Minnesota Wild this evening in Minnesota. The Blue Jackets are on a 14 game winning streak. The Wild are on a 12 game streak. It is my understanding that is more or less an unprecedented match-up of teams on winning streaks like these two.

Sure, I’d love to see the Blue Jackets continue their winning ways and stay atop hockey standings, but I am just glad the team gets to represent the city in a game like this.

What a turnaround for a team that has struggled as an NHL franchise newbie in 2000.

I also understands a B1G college team from just north of downtown Columbus is playing a game tonight too.

Amazing for the central Ohio sports team fans. Local bars and sports restaurants and the like are having a great weekend of business. I was at a brewpub smokehouse last night with my guitar jamming buddy and the place was buzzing.