George W. Bush: No Longer the Decider

sagehen8/17/2010 8:13:39 pm PDT

re: #7 researchok

I think he was right not to say anything.

It isn’t as if his opinions on Islam are unknown or have been left unsaid. Anything he might say now will only inflame the situation and cause even more division embarrass Sarah Palin and damage Republicans’ midterm prospects. Further, by endorsing the project, there are those who might use that to fan an imaginary disagreement on the matter between him and the President as well as the Democrats that have ‘folded’ highlight what cynical and opportunistic rabble-rousers the tea party backers are.

There is a reason he is being ignored by the right and the wingnuts on the park51 project. Where he stands on Islam, moderate Muslims and religious freedoms are well known. It is not hard to divine where he stands on the subject.not in keeping with the narrative the GOP is pushing.