Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

ArmyWife6/25/2009 4:21:08 pm PDT

Good evening. I heard this news on my way home from work. MJ was an interesting individual, a study in who being a child star can wreck you mentally and physically. I worry about his children that, from the outside, seemed to be treated as objects and play things. I hope I am wrong about that, and they end up in as close to normal a home as is possible in the land of weird.

I was also saddened about Farrah, especially after hearing she and Ryan were to marry. That is something to think about for all those who felt marriage is simply a piece of paper - at the final moment, that paper meant something. Even if they were unable to exchange vows, the desire to do so speaks volumes. My heart goes out to Ryan, and their troubled son.