Study: Muslim Extremists Not Looking for World Domination

theye17/10/2012 7:01:19 pm PDT

re: #38 Elias

Salafis (or it’s Indian Subcontinent Cousin, the Deoband Movement) are political, don’t be believe the bullshit about not being involved in politics. The only reason that they claim to stay out of politics is because they can’t dominate it or influence it, most Muslims in the west find them abhorrent.

re: #38 Elias

No, I can’t and I won’t believe this.

Then you’re wrong, it’s simple as that. Most Muslims, even in countries that are supportive of Israel, like Azerbaijan or Albania, are also supportive of Hamas and, especially Hezbollah. You forget that Hezbollah was born out of the occupation of Southern Lebanon by Israel, and Hamas claims that Israel has turned Gaza into a Jail. It’s not an excuse for their crimes, but you can see why it has popular support.

re: #39 Elias

It’s never that simple. Islamism is large Umbrella that includes parties like the Justice and Development Party or Egypt’s Islamic Labour Party (which is ironically, more left-wing then America’s Republican Party). Let’s not even forget that almost all the Pro-american politicians in Afghanistan can be described as Islamist. Hell, Afghanistan can be called an Islamist state.