A Response to Killgore Trout and Other Opponents of Wikileaks

Barrett Brown12/13/2010 11:29:54 am PST

My last message was entirely inappropriate and I apologize for both the tone and content. I absolutely respect the opinions expressed by many of the commenters here, and I don’t actually think that if one thought the Iraq war would be successful then one has no credibility. I’m on edge at the moment due to ongoing events and have trouble keeping my temper in check, which is nonetheless not an excuse for insulting a great swath of people simply because I’m involved in a contentious issue.

I still take issue with a couple of individuals here whom I don’t think are arguing in good faith. As I said, I pointed out that a majority of Americans don’t ascribe to evolution in response to Trout’s pointing out that the majority of Americans don’t approve of Wikileaks and afterwards clarified what was already a reasonably obvious intent by noting that most Americans don’t know enough about Wikileaks to have an educated opinion on it. No one had any trouble misunderstanding my point at The League, not even those who oppose Wikileaks and dislike me. The person here who decided that my point was obtuse has already made several demonstrably false assertions about Wikileaks and thus I considered this “confusion” to be intellectually dishonest. This person has since begun digging through my past work to look for criticism of Israel, so obviously I don’t consider our interactions to be productive and I don’t think he is interested in an honest discussion about Wikileaks.

Again, though, none of this excuses my last message. I just wanted to clarify that my anger was directed at a particular target even if I phrased it very badly.