George W. Bush: No Longer the Decider

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Hi everyone! Over the past week your speaking out on the unfairness shown to the Muslims over the Park51 and Imam Feisal Rauf makes me happy I joined LGF. Before I married a Muslim, I was a white good ol’ girl from Oklahoma, I was not really prepared to face the discrimination. I’m kinda beat down with it after 29 years and I’m glad after reading your posts the past week, that some people have your back on these issues. Thanks

Let me tell you a post 9/11 story from the backwoods of Louisiana.

The newspaper at some point went out after 9/11 and did some stories about some of the local Muslim business owners.

There was one story about a man who owned a restaurant, a small one. It’s not in Baton Rouge, but one of the small towns around us.

They asked him about his post 9/11 experience.

He said the day after 9/11, he was very nervous, but went in and opened up his restaurant as usual, not knowing what to expect.

So his regular customers started coming in - and coming in - and coming in - and coming in.

He had one of his busiest days ever.

There are many idiots around. There are also a lot of good people, too, who know what the right thing is, and they will rally when necessary.

Glad you’re here at LGF.