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iceweasel7/04/2010 6:09:54 pm PDT

re: #424

Oh, hell.
Neighbor just walked over, blood streaming down her face.
She fell and cut her head, looks like a pretty deep cut to me.

Cleaned it up a bit and took a look; I think she needs a couple of stitches but she refuses to let me take her to the hospital.

She lives alone; I think this shook her up, that she was injured and had no one in the house to help her, and just wandered over just to have some company for a bit.

She needs to be checked out anyway; all head injuries do. They also bleed a LOT when they bleed at all, even when the person is fine.
If she won’t go to the hospital you should call them to take a look at her, sorry to say. Not for the bleeding, but for potential concussion and the like.
Happened to a neighbour of mine once too. Sorry.