Dave Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

karmic_inquisitor6/25/2010 10:59:48 am PDT

re: #23 Walter L. Newton

He’s a reporter and a opinion journalist… he’s editorializing most of the time… as a writer myself, I don’t see how playing both sides, publicly or privately is a problem unless you find that writer to be lying, misreporting, intentionally deceiving.

Well then let’s take this from the LGF perspective - would it have been good and proper for Charles to have simply indulged the wingnut morons that used to dominate these comments rather than challenge them once he had the capacity to? Frankly, I admire Charles for doing that and being clean about things (like back in the Schaivo days) rather than cynically stoking the flames for more web hits and ad revenue.

Wiegel was posing as a conservative of some stripe or another while clearly not being one. To find that “OK” on the basis that the right is f’d up anyway shows its own partisan rationalizing at play, IMO.