Overnight Open Thread

smokefire2/04/2009 6:18:51 am PST

re: #469 Jewels (AKA Julian)

Obama damage Tote Board

Well lets see, Daschle nailed on Taxes, Blagovich Trying to sell Obama’s Seat, Obama bad mouthing the US on Al-Jazzera (his first TV interview), Ron Sims responsable for the one of the largest Violations of Publuc Records in US History, Chris Dodd’s mortgage disclosure issues with Countrywide, The utterly rediculous ‘stimulus bill’ which kinda like trying to get out of Debt by Maxing out your Credit Card, Richardson, Killefer, 12 lobbyists appointed to various positions with-in the administration (great, more lawyers in a country Glutted and hamstrung by them), and reversal of campaign positions on such as ‘rendition’.

Can we say successful con job, children? And the President has stated he’s already ‘tired of the White House’ and slagged off to read a book with kids Iran launches a ICBM and North Korea is preparing for same, and the Russian Bear Awakes.

Gonna Be a Long 4 Years. My prediction: The current President is setting the ground work for a conservative revival not seen since Reagan.

Your doing a Helluvajob Barry.