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Dread Pirate2/06/2020 9:56:59 pm PST

re: #48 Hecuba’s daughter

On the coronavirus front, of the 313 cases outside of China, there remain only 2 deaths. These figures continue to suggest that ultimately the death rate will probably not be much higher than normal seasonal flu. And a reminder, that flu is so deadly because it is contagious and infects so many people. The same may prove to be true of this new disease.

It could it mean if you have enough respirators you can keep the deaths low. SHTF when 3rd world countries are overwhelmed by the critical cases. You may have noticed the Chinese media have quit counting the critical patients. 2019 nCoV looks like it takes more than 30 days to run it’s course and the recovered are still not significant in number compared to the dead. There are no numbers for those who aren’t hospitalized but most are being tracked in some sort of quarantine state.