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EPR-radar6/13/2017 3:50:39 pm PDT

re: #493 Blind Frog Belly White

The 146 killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the 25 killed in the Hamlet chicken factory fire, the 15 killed in the West, TX fertilzer factory explosion, and the 1138 people killed in the Rana Plaza factory collapse could not be reached for comment.

Seriously, though - not only does history show that businesses cannot be trusted to provide safe working environments, the economics of unregulated capitalism will always push owners to cut corners on safety. And you generally get away with it, until you don’t.

This has been my biggest argument against US nuclear power for a long time now. Don’t bother telling me about better reactor technology until you have a real solution to the problem of cost-cutting on operations that will guarantee too many accidents.