Jerusalem Post Apologizes for Editorial that Echoed Terrorist

CuriousLurker8/06/2011 4:10:08 am PDT

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Israel doesn’t need bigots professing to represent them, even in opinion columns.

Indeed. In any event, I hope the citizens of Israel continue speaking up about this kind of stuff when they hear about it.

In addition to Glick’s & Rubin’s articles, there was an article in the JP yesterday that I found disturbing.

I don’t know if you saw it, but Alouette created a Page about a week or two ago about “forbidden romance” between a female Jewish cashier & a male Palestinian bagger. Her source was an article in Haaretz, however yesterday there was an article in the JP related to that same uproar in support of the ban on fraternization. It also referenced Norway (and Sweden) WRT to rapes by “non-Europeans”, as well as “packs of Muslim teenagers” who allegedly rob and terrorize non-Muslim teenagers (with impunity, it is implied). I found the conflation creepy, inflammatory, and fallacious:

Just because the state is in many respects constrained from acting does not mean that the public, too, must hide its collective head in the sand to avoid confronting this negative phenomenon. Citizens of Norway are entitled to know that a European woman is six times as likely to be raped by a man of non-European origin as one of European origin. Citizens of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, which is heading toward a majority-Muslim population, have a right to know why the rate of robberies in the city is nine times that of Copenhagen, and to ask what is being done about the packs of Muslim teenagers who terrorize non-Muslim teenagers.

Jerusalem Post 08/05/2011, 4th paragraph from end…

As a matter of fact, the whole article struck me as rather ugly in tone, but maybe I’m just being overly sensitive in that regard.