Bad Lip Reading's Hilarious Remix of "Stranger Things" [VIDEO]

Jay C11/29/2019 12:06:49 pm PST

re: #42 Mattand

I commented about this on the last thread. In The Daily Beast article about this, it ends with basically whining that this is the first time he didn’t have a proper Thanksgiving because he had to visit the troops.

Again: imagine the MAGAts/Tea Baggers’ reaction if Obama had done something even remotely that childish?

Just typical of Trump: visiting frontline troops at Thanksgiving is a nice gesture (looking it up, Obama never did, and GW Bush only did once); but of course, even when he does do something “Presidential”, King Orangeanus just has to make it All About Him - in his usual rambling, slurring style: this clown really can’t do Presidenting right….