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BeachDem10/17/2020 8:52:23 pm PDT

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Ohio has a population of 12 million. Victoria (Australia) has half that number, but when they scored 1 day of over 700 cases (740 I think) in August, the state went into lockdown. It was a stronger lockdown in the capital city (5 million). Masks are compulsory, people could not travel further than 5km apart from permitted reasons (work, healthcare & similar), and a curfew. WFH was the norm for most people.

Today many of the restrictions were eased. There were 5 straight days of single figure cases & a 2 week average of 7.5.

Why is it so hard for the deplorables to understand these things? Fix the virus & you will fix the economy/business.

It comes down to DeWine might not be as big an asshole as some other even worse governors, but he is still (and always has been) an asshole.

‘Every alarm going off’ in Ohio’s COVID-19 data, but DeWine resists talk of new shutdown—Facing record-breaking diagnosis totals, Ohio’s governor makes the same plea he’s made since July

“There’s a limit to what a governor could do or should do,” he said. “We are at the point where we have to live with this virus. The consequences of going in and shutting things down again would be devastating, not just financially, but devastating to people in their individual lives. We do not want to be in a position to do that.”

He and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said they would likewise not move to curtail political events such as President Donald Trump’s rallies and would not enforce required mask-wearing at polls on Nov. 3.