Flashback! 1/2014: PJ Media Encourages Readers to Sign Petition to Free Bergdahl "By Any Means Necessary"

calochortus6/03/2014 9:22:59 am PDT

re: #496 Justanotherhuman

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany says Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s timeline for release will ‘continue to be based on the pace of his healing and reintegration process’ - statement via @NBCNews
End of alert

If Sgt Bergdahl is suffering any psychiatric symptoms, what is happening with his detractors here in the US seems even more cruel.

Cruel is a feature not a bug to some people.

How could he not have some psychiatric problems? I’m sure he needs time to adjust-I don’t think he’ll even see his parents until the end of the week.