Overnight Open Thread

Vet_Missing_Parts (1LT, Ret)2/04/2009 6:33:22 am PST

re: #498 realwest

Good morning y’all - from a frigid (19 degrees now, 17 when I woke up, going ALL the way UP to 39 degrees) but bright and sunny Charlotte! We had about 2-3 inches of snow overnight or it would have been colder here in the SOUTHLAND.
I swear I’m gonna write to the N.C. Chamber of Commerce, Board of Tourism and complain about this weather here in the heart of DIXIE!
Wind chill is 8 degrees for those dumb enough to go outside or who’s jobs require that they go outside.

How is everyone today? Now that my mini-rant is over, I feel fine!

Was 4, now 7, here.

Freezing my nay-nays off, but otherwise quite well. Thanks for asking.

This Gorebull Warming is damn cold.