Overnight Open Thread

nonic2/04/2009 6:46:59 am PST

Get your clubs out, folks.

Headline: Pope Thinks Women Should Not Go to College or Wear Trousers

Oh, no, wait. That’s just what’s been attributed to Wacky Williamson.

Well, so what. Blame the Church, anyway. Fire the Pope. Liquidate Vatican treasures.

But, seriously, folks.

The problem IS that there are very few dogmas that one MUST believe in order to be a Catholic. I’ll have to look this up, but I think it’s like, the Trinity, the Resurrection, maybe the Virgin Birth, probably a couple others.

Nowhere in the club membership contract (since that’s what people seem to think is involved) does it say you HAVE to subscribe to approved political or historical opinions.

And NO, Williamson is NOT a bishop of the Church. He’s a schismatic (separate sect) who is leading would-be Catholics astray —- which is part of what the Pope is trying to fix.

This is getting more and more interesting….. amusing…. pathetic.