Some More News: A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at America's Broken Electoral System [VIDEO]

HappyWarrior5/07/2019 1:30:56 pm PDT

re: #49 DangerMan

while i think this is the right thing to do:

in a sense they dont want to be ‘saved’ or ‘helped’

somehow they seem to want to feel vindication, or righteousness or….something.. i dont know what, that’s totally against their own self interest, and yet they wont see it anohter way

I just don’t really have much interest in trying to get the votes of people who look at my niece and sister in law and see foreign invaders. I’m not saying we refuse to help them. I’m saying that we shouldn’t focus on their vote. IF they get over their butthurt over LGBT, women, etc rights, then fine but if they’re going to keep on falling for Trump and the right’s white resentment bullshti, I have no desire to get their vote.